New England Based Professional Pet Photography





DOGS DOGS DOGS! They are not just pets, they are family. Our time with them is so short, but the bond we have with these noble, silly, funny, furry, loving creatures lasts our lifetime. My goal is to not only take photographs but to capture the unique spirit of YOUR dog, and leave you with memories you can touch, hold, or hang on your walls. We will create images, albums and wall art that will forever remind you of the special inseparable bond you share with your animals, and we will have a blast doing it! Keep reading to learn more!

No artificially posed, dull studio portraits here! Each photo session with Paw Prints is an ADVENTURE! Once you book your session, we will together decide on a location that compliments your dog's beauty and personality. We will spend (at least) one hour creating memorable moments in time with your special friend, taking breaks when you and your dog need to for water, snacks or some fun sniffing and snuffling around. I never rush the process nor will I place a time limit on my client sessions. Should the weather become too warm or inclement we will discuss an alternate date/time to re-schedule our session.




I specialize in photographing normal every day family dogs. When I say "normal" dogs, I am referring to your average bouncy or nervous or overly excited, untrained family pooch! Don't stress about your dog's ability to sit still for a photo and behave like a statue. As a pet photographer it is extremely useful to have a background in dog training and canine behavior work ( see Meet Heather). I approach each dog as a very special and unique individual. I try to learn from YOU as much as I can about your PAWESOME best friend prior to our session in order to make the experience stress free (and even FUN!) for both you and your pup.



This is completely A-OK! Safety always comes FIRST for my clients (both two and four-legged)! The majority of the dogs that I have had the pleasure photographing were on leash (and some harnesses!) I can simply edit the leash out of the photo during post-processing. We can still create breathtaking images while your dog is securely and safely leashed during our photos session. I can magically make leashes, harnesses and even a human standing near by disappear  

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"From time to time people tell me, 'Lighten up, it's just a dog,'...They don't understand the distance traveled, or time spent...for 'Just a Dog.' Some of my proudest moments have come about with 'Just a Dog.' Many hours have passed with my only company being 'Just a Dog,' and not once have I felt slighted. Some of my saddest moments were brought about by 'Just a Dog.' In those days of darkness, the gentle touch of 'Just a Dog' provided me with comfort and purpose to overcome the day... I hope that someday people can understand it's not 'Just a Dog." It's the thing that gives me humanity, and keeps me from being 'Just a Man, or Just a Woman.' "

-Author Unknown